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Noh Hak-joon of Gillong Korea has received a love call from the minor leagues in the U.S. 

"Roh Hak-joon is receiving attention from the minor league team of the Los Angeles Dodgers," a source familiar with the news from Gillong Korea said. 

Park Chung-sik, head of Gillong Korea, confirmed the truth. "I was asked by the L.A. Dodgers to report on Roh's academic performance," Park said. "I understand that there is interest in other teams besides the L.A. Dodgers." 

Roh Hak-joon, who was not nominated in the rookie draft in 2019, joined the team through a "Gilong Korea Tri-out" after being recommended by his father's team. Roh showed off his hitting ability with his young player-like brilliance on his first ever Australian stage, and played his role as the team's lead-off. 

Roh is currently batting 268 with 10 토토사이트stolen bases (ranked fourth in the league) in 28 games. Unlike his early pace, his batting average has slowed down a bit, but he has shown that he is growing even more in defense and on base play every time he plays.

Park Choong-sik, the head of the team, said, "Huh Hak-joon is a fast runner. I also work hard in training. "I think the Minor League team liked this kind of performance." 

Meanwhile, if Roh's minor leaguer is confirmed, he will become the first Korean player to find a new team among Korean players. "They are all suffering from pain and came to Australia to look for new opportunities, such as not being released or nominated," said Park Choong-sik. "It's nice to see him go to an opportunity after receiving such attention."


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